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Re: hardware for fedora

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 18:46:18 -0600,
  Stuart McGraw <smcg2297 frii com> wrote:
> U.S., and say ~$1000 although I could go a few hundred dollars over that 
> if necessary.

Where you spend your money depends on what you are doing.

If you really need good database performance and can't afford to lose data
from a committed transaction, you are going to want to spend money on your
disks. You might considered a battery backed raid controller so that you can
do commits more often than once per revolution of your disks. If that isn't
that important, then buying more ram is usually a good option.

If you can't afford messed up data, then you should consider getting a server
type board that supports ecc memory and use ecc memory. For other things
its better just to rerun things to double check anomalous results and get
more raw processing power for your money.

DJB has a web page that he updates about every year and half, covering
building a PC in about your price range. His build emphasizes mostly reliable
cpu power. For what he envisions the use, the idea is to get enough memory
that the disk drives aren't used much.

There is a silent pc group that has some interesting stuff. I found their
info on power supplies especially interesting. They recommend getting a
high quality power supply, as that will protect your other components and
a good power factor can save on your power bill (not so much for home
owners, but some businesses need to worry about that).

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