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Re: hardware for fedora

Steve Searle wrote:
Around 07:33am on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 (UK time), Sharpe, Sam J scrawled:

> I don't find it a PITA (I have akmod-nvidia installed) and the 3D
> performance of the Intel chipset is not great enough to satisfy the
> applications that some of my users run.

Out of interest, what applications?
Mainly high end engineering stuff, like:

ABAQUS: http://www.simulia.com/
STAR-CD: http://www.cd-adapco.com/

It's not so much actually running the analysis, as that's CPU-bound (although I hear some of the newer software will take advantage of GPU processing) - it's the subsequent loading and viewing of the resulting outputs, which are typically OpenGL overlays of data on top of a 3d representation of whatever they are modelling (I'm an Electronic Engineer, I don't really understand what these Mech/Aero guys do ;o)

Same goes for some of the stuff the Chemistry department use to simulate and view molecules, spinning them in pretty ways takes a lot of GPU power.

Also, the users are really really picky - they don't like the GPU stealing 128MB of "their" 4GB main memory (which is what the GMA3100 in the models we buy does) - they'd rather have the extra 0.125GB to fiddle with the models and spend the extra few bucks on a discrete graphics card.

(I work at a University - so it's not your average software user-base)


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