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Re: help

Jonathan Dieter wrote:
On Wed, 2009-05-27 at 12:58 +0530, B SUDHIR wrote:
I'm using fedora core 5 i'm not able to install mozilla firefox
tarball to get latest version,Unable to play movies in totem media
player it's showing error that it needs a decoder,unable to use
openoffice it says it needs jre even though i installed it help me i
can't use earlier versions because i have less graphics memory

You *really* need to upgrade to at *least* Fedora 9, though you'd be
better off going with 10, or wait a few days until Fedora 11 comes out.
Fedora Core 5 is no longer supported, and hasn't been for a couple of


I will agree with Jonathan on this. I have read that F11 will run better than F10 on older hardware. Heck, it is becoming the default OS for the OLPC. :)

There are also the security issues.

The one reason you may not be able to get Firefox to install is due to libraries that are outdated in FC5.

What are your graphics specifications/issues?

Most video drivers are better in the later versions of Fedora.

Robin Laing

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