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Re: hardware for fedora

g wrote:
Stuart McGraw wrote:

Does any one have any hardware "recipes" like this (or a pointer to a web site with some?) Thanks.

where else but, http://linuxhardware.org/.

have a look along right hand side of page;
 'Latest Forum Posts', and 'Topics'.

My bad.  I'd seen that, but thought from the title
it was a processor (only) comparison and hadn't
read it. The article was indeed the kind of thing I am looking for. However, it is more than two years
(I don't think the HP wx8400 is available any more)
and I would prefer info that is more current.  I didn't
see any similar info on the site that was newer (but
I am still looking).

Also, the review tested with Gentoo.  I'm obviously
interested in Fedora.  Can I assume that any system
that runs ok with some other distro will also run
ok with Fedora?

along center of page;
 'Latest Forum Posts'

and 3/4 down center;
 'Misc. Hardware Reviews'

All I saw there was reviews of individual components.
What I would would like to find is a full list of
components that someone actually used to build a
machine with, along with a statement that they had no problems installing and running a recent version of Fedora on it.

It seems that current Fedora compatible hardware
recommendations are pretty scarce.  This is not
very helpful to Fedora I think since I can buy
prebuilt and tested systems with Unbuntu on them.
(e.g. http://www.eightvirtues.com).

what ever you decide on, cyoa, get a power supply that is at least
100 watts over what you calculate you will need.

also, add at least 2 additional fans to be on safe side. type that
are variable speed, temperature controlled.

Good advice, thanks.

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