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Re: hardware for fedora

2009/5/27 Stuart McGraw <smcg2297 frii com>:
> g wrote:
>> Stuart McGraw wrote:
>>> Does any one have any hardware "recipes" like this (or a pointer to a web
>>> site with some?)  Thanks.
>> where else but, http://linuxhardware.org/.
>> have a look along right hand side of page;
>>  'Latest Forum Posts', and 'Topics'.
> My bad.  I'd seen that, but thought from the title
> it was a processor (only) comparison and hadn't
> read it.  The article was indeed the kind of thing I am looking for.
>  However, it is more than two years
> (I don't think the HP wx8400 is available any more)
> and I would prefer info that is more current.  I didn't
> see any similar info on the site that was newer (but
> I am still looking).

HP (and again, I'm not saying they are better than anyone else, just
that I have experience of them) XW series Workstations are all
certified with RHEL, which means that Fedora will work absolutely
fine. I used an xw9300 for many years, but now the dc series desktops
have just as good bang-per-buck as anything less than an xw8000 series

HP publish a Linux Support Matrix for their Desktop and Workstation
machines and if RHEL5 is listed, Fedora will work. If there's no
certification, Fedora might still work - but I understand you are
looking for guarantees.

If you are looking for some less vendor specific recommendations, why
not have a look at the Red Hat Hardware Certification site
(https://hardware.redhat.com/) as pretty much anything that is
certified to work with RHEL will work with Fedora versions newer than


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