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Re: EeePC - Fedora or Ubuntu?

Timothy Murphy ha scritto:
I've got rather annoyed with the Xandros on my EeePC-4G,
and am thinking of installing a different OS.

I would like to install Fedora,

Does anyone have an argument for installing Fedora
on this very small machine?

Hello Timothy,
I started with an Ubuntu 9.04 on my eeepc 1000HD, but, (I don't know what,) "something" was wrong.
So I decided to try with F11: I'm very happy! :)
IHMO, there are some things to work out : Pulseaudio is a pain, default gnome is a little "heavy", (I'm thinking to switch to fluxbux), but I want to say that almost everything was working "out of the box". Oh, a kernel problem with the video card i915 and "tiling disabled" (google for it); but I don't complain : F11 is a preview right now.

And, of course, the big deal is "I'm feeling at home" with my Fedora! ;)

Anyway, I think that you can start with a live usb and guve it a try!


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