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Re: Streaming media server

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 10:42 AM, Wendell Nichols <wcn00 shaw ca> wrote:
I currently play my music (which is stored in a file system on a server on my home network) by mounting the filesystem via nfs and playing the files in amarok.  However if any disruption to the wireless network occurs, I lose the mount and, as you know, its hell to recover an nfs mount if the network has failed.   What I'd like to have is something like a shoutcast server that would serve up my collection over a network connection or somesuch.  I installed icecast but it doesn't seem appropriate for playing disk based music collections.. meybe I'm wrong about that.
Any suggestions?

My favorite is ampache, which I intent to finish the review process one day:


I have it built here (it is noarch):


Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

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