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Re: Streaming media server

On Thu, 2009-05-28 at 07:42 -0600, Wendell Nichols wrote:
> I currently play my music (which is stored in a file system on a server 
> on my home network) by mounting the filesystem via nfs and playing the 
> files in amarok.  However if any disruption to the wireless network 
> occurs, I lose the mount and, as you know, its hell to recover an nfs 
> mount if the network has failed.   
> What I'd like to have is something like a shoutcast server that would 
> serve up my collection over a network connection or somesuch.  I 
> installed icecast but it doesn't seem appropriate for playing disk based 
> music collections.. meybe I'm wrong about that.
> Any suggestions?
I use mt-daapd which is a simple install. It will serve up any
directory/directories of mp3/m4a files as if it were an iTunes program
sharing it's files and thus could be accessed by any computer on the LAN
capable of using an iTunes music server...like Rhytmbox, iTunes, etc.

Unfortunately, the one program that doesn't seem to be able to connect
is Amarok but perhaps that is because I give up too easily.


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