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Re: WSJ - Article on Linux netbooks

On Thu, 2009-05-28 at 19:53 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 28 May 2009 19:41:12 Konstantin Svist wrote:
> > True, except for one major difference: when your printer doesn't work
> > under Windows, it's usually because you didn't install the driver yet
> > (or installed the wrong one). Unless the printer is at least a few years
> > old, there are always drivers for it.
> Nope.  From time to time there have been windows releases where the old 
> drivers would not work, and no new ones were written.  I had a SCSI Black 
> Widow scanner that had to be thrown for just that reason.
of course...there is a graveyard for printers and scanners that don't
have drivers for Vista.

The netbooks however don't come with Vista because they will perform

So Microsoft will sell a crippled version of Windows 7 for netbooks in
the future and you can give them more money, the amount of which is
determined by how much you are willing to pay for features and
performance hit. It's an interesting market...crippleware.


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