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Re: Can't get updates

Anne Wilson wrote:
I'm having great problem after upgrading F9 to F10 (using an install dvd). I get huge numbers of updates downloaded, but then it fails. The problem appears to be related to my updates repo. I've tried it with both baseurl and mirrors, without success. Errors I've seen include

Please check to see if the package, fedora-release, created *.rpmnew files in /etc/yum.repos.d

If so, move them over top of the existing ones:

# cd /etc/yum.repos.d
# mv fedora.repo.rpmnew fedora.repo
# mv fedora-updates.repo.rpmnew fedora-updates.repo


You will recall that during the F9 phase, the Fedora gpg keys were in question, and so the repos were rebuilt with a .newkey extension. I believe that is your problem.

The fedora.repo file is generally usable from version to version, with this one exception, created by the .newkey business.

To verify the issue before making any changes, look for the string 'new' in any of the /etc/repos.d/* files. If there, they should NOT be for F10 and forward.

Good Luck!

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