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Re: Application Server Software For Fedora 10/11/CentOS

Robert L Cochran wrote:
I'm interested in setting up a Fedora system as an application server so that it works like/has features similar to IBM's WebSphere Application Server. I can't afford IBM's licensing costs. Is there an open source application server that works more or less the same and will run on either Fedora 10 or 11 or CentOS?


Bob Cochran

I think JBOSS is what you need. It should work in F10, F11 and CentOS. You may also need to get separatedly JDK/JRE to use it. It has the important bits Servlet Engine and EJB support. If you don't need ejb support that much then I would recommend Tomcat. If I remember correctly Websphere had some proprietary extensions which you of course can't use. So test first if you have some ready made software you need to run.


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