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New user introduction

Hey all,

Just want to introduce myself as a new member. 

Love the work that's going on in Fedora and I'd like to participate in the community.

I'm a system architect/programmer at http://dutchsoftware.com [1] and mainly working on http://elvisready.com. [2]

We're using lots of opensource software in our product (all LGPL off course). Besides that I've created many native tools using GNU OSS packages and Mac Core Libraries.

At home I've been using Redhat 6 as my first try at Linux and from there on, never turned away from *nix. Tried some slak, gentoo (man that takes a lot of your time), debian .. on the road. Never couldn't help returning to Fedora though, it rocks. I like living on the edge, that's why I tried Gentoo, so I only ever run Rawhide.

Well that said,

[1] http://dutchsoftware.com
[2] http://elvisready.com.

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