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Re: Kernel update broke my system.

On Fri, 29 May 2009, Wendell Nichols wrote:

While I was conducting a web meeting with a number of people yesterday my keyboard stopped working. Thats the second time its happened and I was forced to reboot! Imagine my acute frustration that because of a kernel update the boot loader failed and I was left with a blinking cursor! While 10 people patiently waited on the phone I had to boot the installer and go through the "change boot loader" part of an os upgrade. Luckly that worked and I was back in business in about 15 minutes. I suspect that all my raving about the stability of linux over windows is now the source of some humor in my company and the 3 other companies represented on the call....

The kernel update that "got me" was:  kernel-
ackkptewee :-)

I suspect the problem here is that when you last updated the OS grub wasn't updated properly, meaning that the boot sector part of grub was looking for the stage2 file at one location of the disk but this was now blank space from the filesystem point of view. From then on, whenever you updated your kernel, or did something else in the /boot filesytem, you ran the risk of overwriting this data and killing grub.

	Michael Young

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