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Re: bluetooth mounse becomes erratic when network load is moderate.

On Friday 29 May 2009, Wendell Nichols wrote:
>Wendell Nichols wrote:
>> I have a bluetooth mouse which works nicely most of the time, but if I
>> run a process which consumes network resources (and my network is
>> wireless) the pointer lags behind the mouse movement.  Even playing
>> music via an nfs mounted disk is enough to cause this problem.  Anyone
>> else see or overcome that?
>> wcn
>More on my own question.
>It turns out that bluetooth runs on the same frequencies as woreless
>b/g/n.  Bluetooth also uses frequency switching to the extent that it
>didn't help to relocate my wireless N connection to either end of the
>supported spectrum.  Wireless ethernet and bluetooth are simply not
>compatable in the same area.  I will have to keep my USB mouse handy for
>those times that I am making heave use of the wireless.
>Thank goodness I didn't go out and buy that bluetooth headset...

That's odd, both my keyboard and mouse are wireless of some sort, logitek, and 
there does not seem to be any interaction between those and a bluetooth dongle 
that I use instead of a serial cable to an old legacy computer in the 
basement. There is also an atheros card in my router that I use for my lappy 
about half the time.  When I can get that bcm4318 to work at all that is.  

Cheers, Gene
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