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Re: I'd like to get rid of pulseaudio but ...

On Friday 29 May 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> And the last time I looked, a bit over a month ago, there was no hint of
>> what to do when it chooses its default output channel wrong, and
>> effectively sends it all to /dev/null.
>You pick the correct default in pavucontrol.
>        Kevin Kofler

And that IIRC, was one of the things in my kmenu that never ran, ever.  And 
while this box isn't exactly a fresh install of F10 now, that was also true 
for the fresh install back in February after the main drive crapped out, as it 
was last fall when I first installed F10.  I didn't even get a 30 second 
dancing cursor, it simply did not run.  And since kde4, we no longer have the 
name of the executable listed in the menu's, there seems to be no way to try 
such stuff from a cli to see what error falls out when it doesn't run.  Having 
nuked pulse as much as I can, it all works now (for me).  What do I have to 
re-install to make these utils such as what you name above, actually work?

According to rpm -qa I still have:



Right now, it (pavucontrol) does run from the cli, but reports connection 
refused (of course, no 'server' is running), and the gui is locked up so I 
can't see any output choices and it all exits when I close the error message 

pavucontrol?  That sounds like it is a control for vu meters of some kind, and 
with zero docs, who would have known that it is supposedly the configuration 
tool?  If there is to be no docs, then how about _sensible_ names?  
pa'vu'control indeed. :( Sheesh.

As I have stated before,
[root coyote log]# man pulseaudio
No manual entry for pulseaudio

What is so damned secret about this that it has to be hidden behind all the 
smoke and mirrors & gobbledygook doublespeak such that 2 years+ after it is 
first included in a fedora snapshot, and its just now that I'm finding out 
that pavucontrol is actually the configuration tool?

This 'junk' needs some man pages.  Without the tools to make it work being 
available for any and all to use, it is of no more use to me than the tits on 
a boar hog.  But I don't expect there ever to be any, its fedora, right?  And 
don't tell me there isn't room on the dvd.  There is a good 500 megs left 
before the iso is bigger than a single layer dvd, and I _can_ burn duals here 
according to the propaganda about my drive.

Cheers, Gene
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