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Re: WSJ - Article on Linux netbooks

On Friday 29 May 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>Konstantin Svist wrote:
>> Is there a driver wrapper for printers out there (similar to
>> ndiswrapper)? If not, there should be :P
>No, there shouldn't! We'll never get native, Free drivers that way. I don't
>want to have to use crappy buggy proprietary drivers which weren't even
>written for my operating system! Ndiscrapper (misspelling intentional) is a
>problem, not a solution.
>Buy a supported printer! (I recommend HP models supported by HPLIP without
>the binary "plugin". Most HP printers are, but check the compatibility list
>to be sure.)
>        Kevin Kofler

For a change Kevin, we agree 95%.  We will never convince the Lexmarks of the 
world to give us working driver writing information until we are a more 
significant piece of the market, one they will have to play with on our terms 
IF they want to sell us their printers.

However, gutenprint, with _some_ Epson printers can also be quite usable, I 
have sold color prints from my now 8 year old C82.  Epsons reds are better 
than HP's in particular, and I have excellent color vision, which means I'm 
also relatively poor at seeing in the dark.  HP's reds always have a slightly 
orange tint to me, making flesh tones look like too much makeup.  The 
Durabrite inks are also rated for archival (100+ years life) use.

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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