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Re: I'd like to get rid of pulseaudio but ...

Gene Heskett wrote:
> And that IIRC, was one of the things in my kmenu that never ran, ever.

Then PulseAudio is not working. (pavucontrol at least used to just segfault
if PA was not running or not accepting connections because it didn't find a
working hardware device.)

> And since kde4, we no longer have the name of the executable listed in the
> menu's, there seems to be no way to try such stuff from a cli to see what
> error falls out when it doesn't run.

The pavucontrol name doesn't show up because the .desktop file doesn't
contain it. (It only has a Name field containing a generic name and no
GenericName field.) Complain to the pavucontrol maintainer(s) about that.
Where the names are contained in the .desktop file (i.e. for most KDE
apps), Kickoff will show them if you mouse over that item. Alternatively,
you can use the classic menu, which can be configured to show any
combination of Name and GenericName.

> What do I have to re-install to make these utils such as what you name
> above, actually work?

yum install kde-settings-pulseaudio
should drag in all you need. (You need at least pulseaudio and

        Kevin Kofler

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