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Re: Kernel update broke my system.

On 5/29/2009 2:27 PM, Smith, Herb wrote:
> Can't boot into anything when all you get is the GRUB_ prompt.  Wrote to
> the help me list to figure out what to do to get my system back.  Once I
> get it back I'll be able to try a lot of different things.  From the
> respones of some, it seems that it's an issue with GRUB, but it's
> unclear that there is an underlying kernel issue or not.  It would seem
> that the kernel might be ok, but just that GRUB got hosed in the update
> process. 
> Yes, I do realize that the previous kernel is still there, but was also
> curious as to what could cause this.  It appears, from the lack of
> traffic on the topic that not many have had this issue.  Wondered if it
> was a hiccup in the download process that caused an install to go bad,
> or if there was something unique to my system that caused it to go
> bad...  
> Sorry for trying to understand...
> Herb Smith

I was not trying to be nasty herb. The GRUB part I missed.

Repair boot loader




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