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Re: git & less/vim

Brian Ericson wrote:
> Thanks for both the "less" guidance and the EDITOR tip!

Sure thing.

> (colleague of mine laughed and said he likes to ask that as an
> interview question -- "what's the difference between a shell
> variable and an envirnoment variable?").


> Your mentioning of Fedora's Git version (which is much newer than
> Ubuntu's reminds me that I'm pining for either Fedora's
> being at (like Gentoo is) or Git's on git.repo to update
> their repodata so I can use theirs instead.

If you want, you can rebuild the srpm I've been using:


That should rebuild in mock for EL-4 up through rawhide.  Do keep in
mind that it's not an official package and that you'd have to take
some manual steps to update to an official package for
Fedora, if we release one.  (Chances are a newer git version will be
out before it matters, but it's something to think about.)

I've held off updating rawhide/F-11 as a is possible before
(or soon after) F-11 is released and I've been debating whether we
should bother pushing a update to F-11 and then a 1.6.3.x
sometime after the 1.6.3.x series has had a little time in rawhide.

Well, that and I've just not had as much time to do packaging the past
few weeks. :)

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