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Re: OT: Can Reformatting A Hard Drive To ext3 Destroy All the Data On It?

Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
2009/5/29 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org>:
Quoting "Sharpe, Sam J" <sam sharpe+lists redhat gmail com>:
2009/5/29 Alan Cox <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk>:
'shred' is part of coreutils (i.e. installed by default).
Doing something like

shred /dev/sdX

as root will write various bit patterns 25 times over the entire drive
(see the man page for more options).
Whoopeeedoo. Thats still not the correct way to erase a disk.

Use security erase, that is why it is there.
I use a hammer, because it wins over all other solutions on both ease
of use and catharsis.
For laptop (1.8" and 2.5") disks, sure. A couple of good bangs and you have
yourself a maraca.

I haven't so far been able to destroy 3.5" disks with a hammer, as the
enclosure is quite durable. A sledgehammer would probably do the trick. Or,
you can open up the hard drive and smash the magnetic disks.

I use some of the undocumented options to /usr/sbin/hammer that are
relevant to larger disks:

hammer --unscrewfirst|-u
       disassemble the drive using a tork wrench first before smashing
the platters
hammer --force|-f
       use more force with the hammer

NOTE: use of -u and -f together is discouraged unless wearing suitable
protective equipment.

I generally take the drives out to the desert and use /sbin/detonate.
As Jamie Hyneman once said on "Mythbusters"...

	When in doubt....C4!
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