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Re: Fedoraproject wiki

On 05/30/2009 12:02 PM, Suvayu Ali wrote:
> So could it be, that the search function could be made more effective if we stop using subpages in the 'Main:' namespace? Maybe we could follow some thing like wikipedia does, subpages are allowed only in the 'User:' namespace. Moreover since a wiki is after all a free-form source of information, wouldn't it be more logical to rely on the category system to organise the information rather than force some hierarchy by the use of subpages?
> Just a thought, what do you think? Is this a worthwhile thought?
Fedora used to use MoinMoin where categories were extremely slow and
sub pages were the only way to do things.  After the switch to
MediaWiki, categories are the way to go but the conversion process is
not over.

Susan Lauber, Ian Weller and others are working on this conversion.
You can see some notes at


and more discussions at


IIRC, we have over 10000 pages in the wiki and it is going to take sometime..


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