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Re: OT: Pushing back Time

On Sat, 30 May 2009 14:36:41 +0100
"Frank Murphy (Frankly3d)" <frankly3d gmail com> wrote:

> Chris wrote:
> > Greetings,
> > 
> ><snip>
> > For example, a few days ago it said 7 days. Tonight, we're at 11.
> > Might I suggest the tag line say something like:
> This is what pushed it back.
> > 
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2009-May/msg00011.html
> Frank

Thanks Frank. As you have included the original lines of my posting
I'll expand on the comment of using something like It's released when
it's released".

If any of you (like myself) use(d) multiple OS's (mainly the BSD line)
in recent years, you'll remember that release cycles most often can be

Some of these OS's (or more precisely Unix-Like OS's) have had issues
(as Fedora is now) with release dates.

It's been my experience that some of these OS's have taken the approach
that I have mentioned. Granted, that in itself it comes across as
pompous yet it does not pigeon-hole any one distro (used here for
Linux) to a set date.

I started with Fedora 7 (after my initial introduction to Linux via
Ubuntu from being nothing but a BSD munkie). And as many Fedorians do,
went into F8 and loved it.

That love affair ended with the install of F9. To me (No flames
intended and only MY experience) F9 was a disaster. Every time an update
came out (and IIRC - that happened often for the first 2 months) it
broke my system.

At this time I was a fully converted Linux nut and Fedora was
installed on every box and lappy I had. The terrible experience I had
with F9 reminded me of the days when MS seemingly pushed out a bad
service pack that appeared to be odd number related (some of you here
may indeed remember those days).

To tie this all up neatly - while I have since moved on to a distro
where the release cycle isn't nearly as aggressive as Fedora, I still do
care and keep an eye on the list. 

While I do use (and love) Cent for our servers, I can't commit to it for
my desktop. I do look forward to 11 though. It may not be enough to
move me back just yet - but I can still hope.

... now maybe I don't appear so Troll-like (granted, I do have hair on
my toes).

Best regards,


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