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Re: Blocking an IP for one user

> For example, I want to block the BBC websites wholesale or anything with
> the words Microsoft, MSN or Hotmail in the URL - you get the idea - but
> also an IP range such as 172.168.*.*

squidguard can sort of do it but there is so much iffy content on the
net that you will need good block lists updated regularly. The other
option is to use an ISP has aggressive filtering services available.
Several UK ISPs do this as an add on or opt in service - especially
those aimed at educational markets.

They do tend to backfire spectacularly on a regular basis of course.

You could also just log (or tell them you do anyway) all web page visits
but if they hit something bad by mistake thats ok and to tell you...

I worked on a box that did filtering about twelve years ago and even then
the blocklists (purely for porn) were heading for 10,000 entries and very


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