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Re: Viewing .jpg Pictures in Thunderbird

Jim wrote:

> I have one person that sends me .jpg pictures in a Email and thunderbird 
> can not display them ,  when I try to Open them I can only "Save" them 
> to my Picture folder to view them. That person uses WindowsXP.
> I recieve .jpg pictures from every one else and I can view them in 
> Thunderbird.

have a look at;
which may handle problem.

main problem is as kevin is telling you, if mime type is written wrong in
email, thunderbird will have problem knowing what to do with attachment.

use <ctrl+u> to look at full email. you should have below message body
something similar to;

|>  --------------090209040005060100010505
|>  Content-Type: image/jpeg;
|>   name="tbird app local folders.JPG"
|>  Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
|>  Content-Disposition: inline;
|>   filename="tbird app local folders.JPG"

this is how thunderbird knows that attachment is a jpeg file.

being that sender is using ms xp, there is your major problem. ms does not
comply with email rfc. if sender does not has file with a '.jpg' extension,
ask them to try sending with extension name.


peace out.



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