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Re: booting from USB on old machine without USB boot support

fred smith wrote:
> I'm playing around with F11 pre-release, and wanted to install from the
> DVD on an old PII I have here. trouble is I don't have a spare (working)
> DVD drive, but I do have a USB DVD drive. 
> This machine is old enough it won't boot from the USB DVD, so I was
> wondering if there is a way to make a bootable CD from the DVD, and
> use that bootable CD as we used to use boot floppies, back in the day,
> to boot the system far enough to allow access to the DVD and to then
> run the installation from the DVD.
> Anybody know?
I don't have a direct answer, but there is another way that may work
for you. If you have another machine, and a network, you can have
the other machine serve out the DVD, and use the boot.iso image from
the DVD to boot the installer. From there, you can do a network
install using your local server. (You do not have to burn the DVD
image - just loop mount it on the server.)

You could also try burning the boot.img, select the expert mode, and
see if that will let you find the drive. Unless things have changed,
a normal install will not show USB devices.


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