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Re: I'd like to get rid of pulseaudio but ... (Gene Heskett)

On Sunday 31 May 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Also, I tried to join the pulse mailing list, but FF had a whole cow over
>> the https certificate, and I have never seen such a strong warning from FF
>> before so I didn't ok it.  Could someone advise Lennert that his sites ssh
>> certificate is dead or compromised?
>Most likely it's just a self-signed SSL certificate. Very common, and
>Firefox stupidly throws a fit over it (which is dumb because it encourages
>sites to just use unencrypted HTTP instead, which is even less secure, yet
>gets through with no warning). Just OK the certificate.
>        Kevin Kofler

Its a self signed certificate, apparently it is more paranoid about that than 
it is about an expired certificate.  But then since its a redhat certificate, 
should it not be a properly signed certificate.  Seems to me like it should 

I did, and went thru the knothole to subscribe, and that was fun.  The new 
kmail apparently is messing with the hash numbers they use to confirm a 
subscription, and my reply to the confirmation message bounced exactly as it 
did for trying to join the nut-users list.  The only way I could confirm was 
to use the web page link.  That was about 14 hours ago, and I have rx'd 
exactly zero messages after the confirmation was rx'd.  For all the pulse 
problems extant, that doesn't feel right.

I also removed those 4 pieces that I had installed, and rebooted yet another 
time, and now I can listen to the news sites again.  With the enablers 
installed, I get white noise for the audio with a news video I'm watching, and 
its about 120 db louder than the kde sound effects which were the only thing 
working, and I had to crank the PA gain to +480% to get that to work.

As a config tool, pavucontrol sucks.  Yes, it shows all the HDA (or whatever 
that acronym is) stuff that is on this mobo (or on this ATI based HD2400-Pro 
(rv610) video card but not bonded out for use, I wasn't able to determine 
which from what it was telling me), but while you can reset the defaults to 
use the audigy 2, you cannot disable or remove an unwanted choice.  And I have 
NDI where it (pa) was getting the speaker shredding white noise, which FWIW, 
was only present when story was playing.  And no one here seems to have run 
into this before as I didn't get anything that might have been a clue as to 
what to do next from this list in about 24 or so hours.  No fault of yours, 
apparently I have the most unique ASUS motherboard ever made, an M2N-SLI 

So obviously what is nuke able, has been nuked, I've rebooted, and everything 
is back to working.

What I take home from this experiment is that you want us to use it cuz it 
sounds interesting to you, but that no one other than Lennert has a clue how 
it works.  And there may be job assignment walls around that preclude his 
using any paid time to support users with problem hardware.

IMO, if this is to be the default for fedora, then time should be allowed for 
him to support those installs which are problematic.

Cheers, Gene
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