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Re: I'd like to get rid of pulseaudio but ... (Gene Heskett)

On Sunday 31 May 2009, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>On 05/31/2009 08:50 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Its a self signed certificate, apparently it is more paranoid about that
>> than it is about an expired certificate.  But then since its a redhat
>> certificate, should it not be a properly signed certificate.  Seems to me
>> like it should be.
>It is not a Red Hat site. I am not sure why you think it is. It is his
>private website as confirmed by both the certificate as well as the
>whois records.
>> IMO, if this is to be the default for fedora, then time should be allowed
>> for him to support those installs which are problematic.
>Yes, assuming you post to a place where he can see it. That would be
>either bugzilla or upstream mailing list.

Humm, what email msgs I have seen from Lennart, came from a redhat.com 
address.  And, from that pulseaudio.org web page:
People ΒΆ

PulseAudio has been developed by:

    * Lennart Poettering (mezcalero) through his employer Red Hat 

That speaks volumes.  So also does my unfortunate miss-spelling of his name in 
one or 3 messages.  My apologies.

Thanks Rahul.

Cheers, Gene
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