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Re: Make a simple server -

Bob Goodwin wrote:

What do I need to do to make a spare computer into a file server
accessible only on my home LAN? I would like to be able to read and
write files to it. My computers are running F-10, I believe the one I am
considering using still has F-8 or 9 on it but it could be upgraded.

I've googled a bit but most of what I found would do more than what I need.


I recommend CentOS 5.3 with samba or nfs shares, it is rhel based (or old fedora based) with long term support
nfs is only supported in linux (afaik)
samba is multiplatform supported

if you chose samba, use the samba-swat option to configure your samba server, it is a web based config, easy to use for first time users, otherwise use your favorite editor on /etc/sambe

for nfs look at :

Toshaan <toshlinux gmail com> - http://www.toshaan.be

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