[Fedora-livecd-list] Moving forward with Fedora LiveCD

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Mon Jul 4 14:19:54 UTC 2005

So there's been a fair bit of email back and forth, but nothing's really 
"caught" yet, it seems.  So let me sum up where I think we are:

We've got a handful of people with code.  Here's the summary, as I see it:

  a. Rookery, by Steve Grubb.  Intended for building distros in general,
     but also has a tool for building a LiveCD in particular.  
  b. Stateless Linux plus mklivecd, by Alex Larsson.  Falls out of the
     Stateless Linux work that Red Hat R&D was doing, but is now in
     stasis, I believe.
  c. ADIOS, by Neville Richter.

So I think it's time to pick at least one of these platforms and "get a 
move on".   Unless I hear MASSIVE DISAGREEMENT :) here's the way I'd like 
to proceed:

1. GET CODE INTO CVS.  If you want your solution to be considered, ack the
list, and we'll make sure that you've got a place to put your code.  I'll
work with Elliott (guru of Fedora CVS) to make sure that we have modules
in CVS for all of this code.

2. WEEKLY MEETING.  A mailing list is good, but it's not very high 
bandwidth, and when we need to debate about something, IRC is much 
quicker.  Therefore, I propose:

  a. DATE/TIME.  Always hard to get global meeting times that work for
     all.  I've seen the most traffic from US and Australia, so I propose
     as the first meeting time:

       THURSDAY JULY 7, 23:00 GMT.  Which is:
       THURSDAY JULY 7, 19:00 Eastern US.  Which is:
       FRIDAY JULY 8, 09:00 Eastern Australia.

  b. VENUE.  #fedora-livecd on freenode.

  c. FREQUENCY.  Weekly or bi-weekly, depending -- but for now, let's 
     just have the first one first and see how it goes.  :)

3. WIKI.  We've got wiki space available to us on fedoraproject.org.  When 
the time comes, we'll need something, and this wiki is being well-used for 
the Extras and Docs projects.


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