[Fedora-livecd-list] Config file format proposal

Darko Ilic darko.ilic at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 22:33:03 UTC 2005

Here`s my livecd config file format proposal.

We`ve been talking about reusing kickstart file format, but I found
out that it`s not so good solution. Kickstart file doesn`t include
complete list of packages but keeps only list of groups to be included
and relies on comps.xml file and definitions of group members. Since
it`s very important for config files to be compatibile with different
versions of FC, we have to have the complete list of packages in our
config file (for example, some 100MB big package could be added to
some group we included, and the size of our livecd iso image would
change dramaticly without a reason). Again, for compatibility reasons,
we have to keep the list of packages _without_ version numbers

Many repositories can be listed in config file, but only one (named
"default") is essential. URL parameter for repositories is read from
conf file by default, but can be overriden with command line parameter
(for example: buildlivecd -f ./fc4livecd.conf -r
default=http://bla.bla/fedora/core/4 ).

I think that layout used in this example that I`m sending is not the
best choise, and the reason I used it is to describe the hierarchy of
the file. So, please, propose some file layout that could have similar
structure but that can be easily parsed by both python application
that is supposed to generate it and bash script that is supposed to
read information from it. And, yes, feel free to post your comments :)

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