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Dirk Westfal dirk.westfal at frankfurter-verein.de
Mon Jul 18 22:15:35 UTC 2005

On Monday 18 July 2005 07:20, Darko Ilic wrote:
> On Saturday 16 July 2005 06:17, you wrote:
> > However my approach to move and re-symlink all runtimewritable 
> > parts currently wrecks selinux :( though it is very easy to handle (just
> > one archive for ALL runtime writable directories)

As i got to know today from a redhat guy working on security this is no longer 
the case - haven`t checked that yet, but perhaps Steve can say something 
about it ?

> Is there any other way to do that? I`ve seen live CDs that use UnionFS, and
> it`s very elegant solution, but unionfs is not in the kernel...

... which is the problem. I (would) avoid any changes to the kernel, or at 
least provide an unchanged and a union-fs enabled one, supporting both 
methods for runtime-writable space. (writable fs parts still would have to be 
under one 'tmpfs - parent' directory ).
Union-fs in the default fc kernel would be wonderfull, but i don`t think this 
will happen in near future ?

> > > A2: Stripping out languages (what else can be deleted?)
> >
> > Perhaps a good part of /usr/share/doc - at least on a gui livecd.
> Yeah, I had that on my mind but wasn`t sure if it is a good idea..

Would be nice to be able to reference /usr/share/doc to a network source.

Another candidate to safe space is /usr/share/locale - i have it reduced to 
~55Mb by removing all unsupported languages, but I don`t think this can be 
done with an official livecd (which is expected to support eg. japanese and 

> > >Q: how to handle multiple repositories? Do all rpms need to be on the
> > > machine before installation?
> Well, sure they have to be on the machine before the installation, but I
> was wandering should remote repositories be supported, and I`ve decided in
> the meantime that they should.
Agreed. :)
> Is there any difference between bootable CD iso and bootable DVD iso except
> max size?

None that i know of. 

> Darko


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