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[Fedora-livecd-list] Presenting a LiveCD in public for the First time

Hai there,
Our ambassador ThomasCanniot will present for the first time in public
a Fedora Live CD build by Kadischi.

Any livecd made by Kadischi when boots does not show any with respect
to Fedora.

Ive created a page with my screenshots and texts which I propose to
integrate in within the livecd.


have a look
suggestions are welcome.
RahulSundaram suggested
Ive already did the neccessary.

if the text can be enhanced somehow, do post something to the list.

by the way in a 800x600 resolution, we can not add much info per page.

Why only 5 F-keys?
I found it kewl to add only 5 F-keys.
5 F-keys 5 FC Versions.

concerning a splash.lss, I failed to make a proper one. if you look at
the right hand top corner of the first screenshot you will see a
broken blue spot. This is my broken splash.lss

if anyone wants to create one for Fedora, do send it to me. Ill add
it. Of course if its related to the Fedora Core 5 theme.
Maybe the FedoraArtwork department can help me with it.

The last screenshot is a 1024x768 resolution (16 bit) screen.

Chitlesh GOORAH

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