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[Fedora-livecd-list] some FC3 help?

I've seen that a couple of folks have gotten Kadischi to build with FC3
and I thought I'd gotten the kinks worked out, but I continue to see
this error message at the end of the anaconda run:

making initrd image
/tmp/livecd-build_no26/system/lib/modules/None is not a directory.

  ***  Fatal error: /home/ewhite/src/tools/kadischi/livecd-mkinitrd.sh
returned non zero (256) exit code. Aborting execution.

Anaconda can't find a kernel, even though there's a
kernel-2.6.9-1.667.i686.rpm in the repository. In fact there are several
flavors (i586, smp, etc.) of that kernel -- is that the problem?
Anaconda's db search is producing more than one result and reverting
back to the initialized value ("None")?

I thought it was b/c I hadn't built my customized repository correct so,
instead, pointed Kadischi at my rsync'ed FC3 directory, and used the
minimal-livecd ks script provided in the Kadischi distro, producing the
same results.

I applied the Kadischi python patched to the anaconda-
installation that's current in the FC3 repository, and the patch process
didn't complain; i.e., I'm running on an FC3 system, trying to produce
an FC3 Kadischi LiveCD.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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