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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] pilgrim livecd work

David Zeuthen wrote:

As such, the goals are pretty similar to Live CD: Assemble an OS and put
it on bootable media. So I spent a few days a few weekends ago to do
exactly that; the how's, why's etc. are here


Specifically, I've made it a goal to make live cd's built with this
infrastructure possible to install to hard disks such as to provide a
nice user experience: you download the livecd and if you like it, you
simply press the "Install" icon on the desktop and the OS is installed
in a matter of minutes. No need to go through anaconda here. The
README.fedora file linked to above contains some pretty specific
information of what we need here. With some hard work perhaps we can
make this happen for FC7.
You really should use the stock Fedora Core utilities however.
If you are making an installer to system from LiveCD, why not use Anaconda?

Another important goal is that it should be easy to create derived CD's.
So if you are into the whole Java and Fedora things, maybe you want to
easily create a Fedora Eclipse livecd. You know, to show off to your
friends. I've included an example here, fedora-eclipse
Not really a fan of Java, I'm not sure a Fedora Eclipse LiveCD is the first item on everyone's Christmas list'
this year. Good work though.

Anyway, enough talk, it's getting late and I'm too old to miss sleep
these days :-) - Here's a screenshot of the fedora-desktop livecd


and here is an ISO, weighing 618MB, of fedora-desktop

If OLPC is a "derived" from Redhat or Fedora Core distribution, I really do not see how this pertains to this list. On another note, what functionality does this LiveCD stuff you mention provide over Fedora Core's Kadischi? If you are unfamiliar with Kadischi, you can find it here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Kadischi
Available via CVS.

J. Hartline

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