[Fedora-livecd-list] Test3 LiveCD QA issues

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Wed Apr 4 15:46:07 UTC 2007

I just spent about 90 minutes going through Test3, starting with the Gnome 
LiveCD and working my way through installation, firstboot, and login.  I 
tried to relive my days as a QA engineer and adopt the mindset of a user 
who isn't deeply technical, and as a user who becomes uncomfortable at 
anything that doesn't seem to "just work" the way it's expected to.

I have a number of suggestions and straight bugs.  I don't have the time 
to open bugzillas for all of these.

Most of this is LiveCD stuff, but some of it is general QA.

Will -- I'm going to leave it up to you to file Bugzillas, etc. as 



Booting the LiveCD, grub gives you two options:

Fedora-7-Test3-Live-i386 from RAM

This is confusing -- should I choose default or no?  What's the difference 
between the two?  I think users will be confused.


The default user name at the Live CD's gdm -- this is a simple change

s/Fedora live CD/Fedora/

then if it's a LiveUSB or LiveDVD, the user name doesn't look odd


First impressions of the LiveCD desktop

We want it to be uncluttered, and to show off the coolest stuff in the 
most obvious way.  To that end:
 	- do we need the SCIM module in the top right?
 	- do we need the Desktop search module in the top right?

What about the default applications at the top of the GNOME panel?
 	- now: evolution, web browser

Why not also add some useful/common apps:
     - instant messenger
     - the gimp
     - abiword



- We need a default homepage for Firefox that isn't just the generic 
firefox page.

- We need to update the default bookmarks for Firefox in F7.  There's 
actually a wiki page where we're working on the list.


I tried every single application under "Applications", "Places", and 
"System".  It was a disappointing experience.  Has anyone else done this, 
both for the liveCD and/or for the actual installed distro?

     - abiword crashes on startup

     - "calendar" in the office section is actually Evolution and it
     crashes when you close it
     - "email" in the top launcher is also Evolution, and it too crashes
     (obviously) when you close it.
     - "tasks" in the office section -- same thing
     - so shouldn't it just have one more generalized name?

     - "Other->Theme Installer" doesn't do anything, and should be

     - CD Player takes a long time to boot, and then locks/crashes

     - "Places->Network" crashes when you close it and takes down the
     whole gnome panel, which restarts

     - "System->Administration->Logical Volume Manager" gives "unknown
     error" on startup.

     - "System->About Fedora" can't load properly due to missing


Trying out the installer

The "restart" button at the end of the anaconda/install window didn't 
work, and I had to manually restart the machine from Gnome's system menu.

After rebooting.....

"License Information" in Firstboot

- Can we make the text box smaller, to better fit the text that is in it?

- Either the "Forward" button should say "Understood, please proceed" or 
the place in the grey where it says "Understood, please proceed" should 
simply be gone.  It looks dumb.

"Hardware Profile" screen in Firstboot.

Let's clean up the text.  It's quite wordy, and contains incorrect 

"Smolt is a hardware profiler for the Fedora Project.  Submitting your 
profile helps focus our efforts on pupular hardware and platforms.  All 
submissions are anonymous."

The last part "Sending your profile will enable a monthly update" -- I 
assume that means that if you send your profile *now* it will send an 
updated version of it every month.  Is that right?  Can the user disable 
that easily?

I forgot to look, but we must make sure that the default choice is "do not 

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