[Fedora-livecd-list] SSH defualt on livecd bootup

Jasper Hartline jasperhartline at adelphia.net
Fri Apr 27 19:00:38 UTC 2007

David Zeuthen wrote:
> Mostly that ssh server key generation takes ages thus slowing down the
> already slow boot process. Also, the passwords are all blank.
>     David
I think the slow boot process is due to the Ext3 filesystem you have 
decided to use.
Also, the SSH key generation doesn't take more than 6 seconds on a dual 
PII at 300MHz, less than 2
seconds on a Intel Celeron at 2.6GHz. That isn't exactly "ages". I would 
contribute it to
the filesystem you have decided to use.

J. Hartline

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