[Fedora-livecd-list] SSH defualt on livecd bootup

Jasper Hartline jasperhartline at adelphia.net
Fri Apr 27 20:08:35 UTC 2007

Thomas Chung wrote:
> On 4/27/07, Jasper Hartline <jasperhartline at adelphia.net> wrote:
>> Learn how to read, when you do come back with a valid retort.
> Jasper, that was not necessary.  :(
> Regards,
Niether was his assumption I was talking about the SSH key generation 
being slow due to Ext3.
Nowhere in my statement did I say "The SSH key generation is slow due to 

He also said my claims were unsubstantiated, again going on an 
assumption of what I said which I never had.
It's plain to see he is not a native English speaker.

J. Hartline

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