[Fedora-livecd-list] Re: Fedora 7 Test 4 GNOME based i386 Live CD report

Matthias Clasen mclasen at redhat.com
Sat Apr 28 01:24:06 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-04-28 at 06:35 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
> Just installed the F7 T4 GNOME based i386 live cd and here are some of 
> my observations after playing with it for a day.

> * Beagle is installed by default and replaces gnome-search-tool on the 
> UI like the previous release. Might be better to keep these entries 
> separate.

No. Offering several different search tools in the menu is a bad idea.
Medium-term, we're hoping to see a unified frontend for the various

> * New application, system-config-selinux is available under 
> administration. Looks pretty comprehensive. SELinux boolean 
> configuration has been removed from system-config-securitylevel and is 
> now available in this tool. Title says "system-config-selinux.py" 
> instead of just "system-config-selinux" which is a minor wart in the UI.

The bigger wart is that the menu entry for system-config-securitylevel
still says "Firewall and SELinux" even though SELinux was removed...

> * nautilus-open-terminal extension was not installed by default unlike 
> previous live cd releases.

This live cd is just following the comps defaults here. The FC6 live cd
was following David Z.s personal preferences...

> * SCIM input icon doesnt show up on the system tray unlike the previous 
> test release. Default is showing on demand but setting it to show always 
> does not make it show up on the system tray.

You should get it by default if you are logging in in a CJK locale. For
other locales, use the "input method" capplet to turn it on.

> * nautilus has crashed more than once during login including the 
> previous test releases with some vague bonobo error which I did not note 
> down. Anyone else seeing this?

File a bug ?

> * Turning on desktop effects immediately makes it crash Xorg


> * shutdown entry showed up twice as first and last entries in the system 
> menu just once.

I have seen this once before, but then it repaired itself. Please file 
panel bug for this, too.


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