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[Fedora-livecd-list] [ANNOUNCE] VirOS: it's alliiivvvveeee (at least for bug-free LiveUSB persistence)

Fellow Fedora LiveCD Enthusiasts:

I present, in lieu of actual FudCON participation, this new software release-

VirOS-0.5-20080111, while still a few days away from being a functional drop in replacement for livecd-creator which does not require root privileges to run, does at least support adding my LiveUSB persistence implementation to the Fedora-8 LiveCD, and similar LiveISO images. (without requiring root privs, or running much faster as root if you like living on the edge)

Basically it works like this-

viros lixmog --output=newlive.iso --addtrait=ZyX.overlay.f8 live.iso

if live.iso was the fedora 8 i686 livecd iso image, then newlive.iso will be slightly modified to support LiveUSB persistence.

To use LiveUSB persistence, get the livecd-iso-to-disk script from the /LiveOS/ subdirectory on the iso (as normal), and invoke it as normal, but add an argument of

--overlay-size-mb 128

to create a 128MB persistence file on the resulting LiveUSB.

Really, you'll have more fun if you make it a 1024MB persistence file on a 2G LiveUSB.

You can download the latest release of VirOS (in .tgz/.srpm/.rpm) here


and if you'd rather not test my software, but just check out the official f8 livecd patched to support the feature, look here


I'll omit the details on xdelta patching, as they were in a prior mail, and to highlight the fact that this is still all very alpha/developer quality stuff. I have not done a complete code review myself, therefore it is too early for me to even ask others to do a code review.

But having finally ironed out the last known bugs with the persistence feature, and having put together a reasonable rpm of the rest of the stuff, I am actually pretty pleased with how it's shaping up....

Bug reports are welcome and expected...  Enjoy...


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