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[Fedora-livecd-list] Proper patch for squashfs+lzma support

Hello everyone,

Okay the last patch I was told it was just a hack, so I decided to make it much easier for everyone  ;-)  Now the first step is to take one of the patches that I supplied in this email.  For example I am going to use squashlzma- and copy it to my rpm build environment.  Next I change directory to my rpm build environment, so in my case:
      cd $HOME/rpmbuild
(for users using the default)
      cd /usr/src/redhat

Next download and install the kernel source.  For this example I downloaded kernel- and to install it use the following command:
      rpm -ivh kernel-

Next I apply the patch using the following command:
      patch -p0 < squashlzma-

Now the last step naturally takes the longest, but it is the build step.  In my case I only want to build the binary packages with a target of i686, so I typed in the following:
      rpmbuild -bb --target=i686 SPECS/kernel.spec

Wait for a long while, and wahla, you are the proud parents of a new baby kernel package with squash+lzma support.  I supplied the linux-2.6-squashfs-lzma.patch as well if you want to try and patch any other fedora kernel.

Remember always Good Luck, and have fun ;-)


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