Development areas for Fedora Core/Extras 5

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Sun Jun 5 21:11:30 UTC 2005

Hi All,

I went through the "What's next" thread on the fedora-devel list this
weekend and tried to pick out some of the ideas that are both feasible
and sane.  The Wiki page below is my attempt at documenting these and
trying to get some focus on them.  This is _not_ a complete list in any
way, shape, or form but it's at least a start.

Your mission as maintainers, should you choose to accept it [1], is to
look over this Wiki page and add, enhance, and think about exactly what
we should focus on for Fedora 5.  I think it's a mission worth
accepting.  So lets get to it ;).


[1] Unfortunately, this message will not self-destruct.  So you can't
play dumb and say you never saw it :).

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