FC4 looking good

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Wed Jun 8 20:01:34 UTC 2005

Thomas Vander Stichele (thomas at apestaart.org) said: 
> this is dmix.  dmix is hosed for a lot of people currently.  On my
> laptop, it can do any of the following after a short time (say, 5 min)
> of music playing:
> a) scramble the sound completely (similar to what you just said)
> b) stop playing, use no CPU
> c) stop playing, use 100% CPU
> Other people I've polled on this using FC3 and FC4 test releases have
> had the same issues - though not necessarily all three.

Hm, with current code, I'm not seeing any issues with dmix as
long as I don't use ESD. I suppose that could depend based on
driver, though.

> I've discussed this with some people directly on IRC.  I've discussed
> this with some people at GUADEC as well, but I can't figure out if FC4
> is going to ship with dmix turned on by default.

Yes, it is.


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