The impending end of FC2 NEEDINFO bugs...

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Jun 9 01:09:04 UTC 2005

On 6/8/05, Mike A. Harris <mharris at> wrote:
> I'm of the opinion that every single bug report that comes in,
> should have an initial "triage" which consists of at least one
> person reviewing the bug, updating the status to request more
> information if necessary, and deciding wether to close the bug,
> or to keep it open.  If "keep it open" is the decision, then
> the "next step" should be decided, and a target of some sort
> given to the bug - either data based, or milestone based.

Distro wide... thats really tough. I failed at making any sort of
appreciable dent at this as a community based effort. If we were
talking about just gnome+apps or just kde+apps or just x even you
could probably build up a small team of community who as the gained
experience become better at dealing with bug reports in that area of
the distro. But distro wide its hard to capture enough initial
interest from enough people with enough experience to cover all the
bases. Even if there were enough monkeys to go around.. how do you
train them all?

We might get somewhere focusing on a corner of the fedora bugzilla
space.. creating a small group of package shepards and then moving on
to another corner every release.


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