The impending end of FC2 NEEDINFO bugs...

Tom Lane tgl at
Thu Jun 9 06:46:38 UTC 2005

Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta at> writes:
> ... Even if there were enough monkeys to go around.. how do you
> train them all?

The medical community knows very well that triage is a high-grade skill
--- you don't send junior personnel out to do it.  Mike's evidently been
doing triage for X-related bugs himself, and I'm sure that has something
to do with the success level he's reporting.  I'm not sure how we
transfer this ancient medical technique into our setting, but for sure
it requires a pretty decent skill level at the initial triage review.

For most of the packages we "own", I believe there is only one developer
assigned and so only one pair of eyeballs available --- if that person
doesn't know the code pretty well then there's no hope anyway.  (Unless
we can suck in an upstream developer to help us review bug reports,
which seems like a good idea to me...)  For packages where there's
actually a fair amount of expertise in-house, I think the lesson here is
that the initial triage should be done by a more senior person not a more
junior one.

			regards, tom lane

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