"I plan to work on..." for FC5

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Fri Jun 10 11:51:16 UTC 2005

I plan to work on...

Top of the list would probably be NetworkManager. It's quite nice now,
but needs to learn about Bluetooth networking and dialup so it can
actually handle _all_ the common connectivity requirements for my laptop
rather than only some of them.

I'll also try to make something mergeable out of the hacks I have at the
moment to effectively authenticate via Bluetooth at boot time -- I have
gdm set to autologin, and my GNOME session checks via Bluetooth for the
presence of my phone and runs 'xscreensaver -lock' if it's not found.
I'll probably make this happen on resume from sleep too, which is
probably more useful since the laptop spends far more time asleep than
it does turned off.


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