The recent redhat-rpm-config change and you

Nalin Dahyabhai nalin at
Fri Jun 17 20:52:10 UTC 2005

As you've probably noticed [1], redhat-rpm-config-8.0.35 and later have
started using the brp-python-bytecompile script to byte-compile python
scripts at the end of %install.

What does this mean for your package?

If your package specifies a buildroot, after the %install phase
completes, rpmbuild will now find .pyc and .pyo files sitting alongside
any .py files which were installed under $RPM_BUILD_ROOT.

If your package's %files list doesn't mention these files, you'll need
to update it to get the package to build successfully without tripping
the unpackaged-files-in-buildroot sanity check.  The procedure is
similar to what we all needed to do when we started compressing man
pages by default, tedious but simple: either change every instance of
".py" to ".py*", or add the .pyc and .pyo files to the %files list

If your package was explicitly byte-compiling modules in the %install
scriptlet, you can now, at your option, stop it from doing so.

If your package uses distutils to build an RPM (specifically, if it
calls "python install" with the "--record" option to generate
its %files list), then you'll need to add the "-O1" flag to the command
to get a correct list.

Yes, this makes the packages larger.  How much larger is entirely
dependent on how much python code the package contains. [2]



[2] You can filter the "rpm -qlv" output through
    awk 'BEGIN{size=1;pyosize=0;pycsize=0;pysize=0}/\.py$/{pysize=pysize+$5}/\.pyc$/{pycsize=pycsize+$5}/\.pyo$/{pyosize=pyosize+$5}{size=size+$5}END{printf ".py:%7.2f%%\n",pysize*100/size;printf ".pyc:%6.2f%%\n",pycsize*100/size;printf ".pyo:%6.2f%%\n",pyosize*100/size}'
    to get a breakdown of how much space python files take up in a package.

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