Legacy in Build Roots

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Sun Jul 2 03:23:46 UTC 2006

Hey all,

I put in a request and was asked to take it here.  What i want is to make sure 
that FC3 extras packages have legacy updates in the build root.  This will 
also include FC4 legacy updates soon.

Why do i want this.  
1) while hopefully not likely its possible a legacy update will break a extras 
2)  if something is statically linked and legacy fixes a security issue we 
need a way to build against the fix.
3)  it will ensure that things are nice and clean  as it should be the same 
environment that is in use.

Some of you will say  i don't care about older releases. as things stand right 
now.  Extras are responsible for extras packages until A release is declared 
EOL.  Right now FE3  is not EOL.  If  you as a maintainer don't fix security 
issues in older releases then  the security team has to do it.  When  Legacy 
takes over core they do not take over extras.  does this mean you need to 
release an update for every branch everytime you have a new version?  no.  
but what you should care about is at the very least security issues. 

I see this as part of the legacy integration into the rest of Fedora 
for a little more info.

whats involved?  some changes to the mock configs to ensure the legacy updates 
are there  and a rsync of legacy updates from there current location. 

There is not alot of work involved in making this happen.  It should be a 
positive thing. I personally think it is the right thing to do. 

Comments,  thoughts, suggestions ?

Dennis Gilmore, RHCE
Proud Australian

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