Packaging guidelines: IPv6

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Thu Jul 6 13:04:39 UTC 2006

Le Jeu 6 juillet 2006 14:54, Christian.Iseli at a écrit :

> I'm not convinced packagers choose software to package randomly.  I'm sure
> they have a reason when they try to package something, and if they choose
> to package foo instead of bar: why do you think it's a problem ?  If bar is
> useful and so much better, someone is bound to package it at some point...

Many many times the FE process starts like this : I need to do something,
there is no app to do this something in Fedora, I'll package an app which
does this something for Fedora Extras. Then goes fishing for the best
something-doing app, based on biaised ML advice, obsolete web reviews,
etc. Most packagers do not care which something-doing app they package as
long as Fedora Extra gains the something-capability. So guidelines to help
choose a candidate for packaging certainly help.

Nicolas Mailhot

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