lzo 2.02 soname change update coming up (devel only)

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Wed Jul 26 11:14:53 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Since Anvil has very little time for FE lately I've taken over some
(most) of his packages. Amongst these is lzo. There has been a new major
release of lzo upstream for quite a while now.

Together with Ville I've been working on updating lzo to this newer
release. This new release comes with a new soname thus packages using
lzo will need to be rebuild.

Here is a list of all packages that use lzo and if they work with the
new lzo. Thanks to Ville for the list:
Affected apps in FE:
- dxpc: not prepared for 2.x.  Upstream 3.9.0 seems to be.
  REMARK: This is orphaned, if noone picks it up I guess we should
  remove it soon.
  dxpc's license is claimed to be BSD, but because the GPL'd lzo is
  linked in it, the shipped combo is GPL -> should be reflected in the
  License tag.
- lzop: apparently ok with 2.x
- openvpn: apparently ok with 2.x

Affected apps in FE review:
- mkvtoolnix: apparently ok with 2.x

There are some apps in that other repo too, these will be taken care off

lzo-2.02-1 has been commited to CVS and is ready to be build. Please
check it out from CVS, build and install it locally and prepare your
packages to be build against it.

I will tag and build lzo-2.02-1 (for devel only) coming Sunday at circa
9u00 CET. Once build successfully. I'll send another mail to all people
who received this mail that it has been build and that they can rebuild
their packages against it. With some luck this will result in us not
having any broken deps in the repo.

People with Push and Sign rights who read this, please do not do a push
coming sunday around 9u00 CET :)



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