lzo 2.02 soname change update coming up (devel only)

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Wed Jul 26 12:27:23 UTC 2006

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Hans de Goede wrote:
>>> Rex Dieter wrote:
>>>> Hans de Goede wrote:
>>>>> Here is a list of all packages that use lzo and if they work with the
>>>>> new lzo. Thanks to Ville for the list:
>>>>> Affected apps in FE:
>>>>> - dxpc: not prepared for 2.x.  Upstream 3.9.0 seems to be.
>>>>>   REMARK: This is orphaned, if noone picks it up I guess we should
>>>>>   remove it soon.
>>>>>   REMARK:
>>>>>   dxpc's license is claimed to be BSD, but because the GPL'd lzo is
>>>>>   linked in it, the shipped combo is GPL -> should be reflected in the
>>>>>   License tag.
>>>> I've updated dxpc's cvs/devel branch to fix the license and updated to
>>>> 3.9.0, so should be ready to go when/if someone takes over
>>>> maintainership.
>>> Maybe someone (you or me) should tag and build this coming sunday if
>>> there is not a new maintainer then, so that atleast we don't break
>>> upgrades for people who have dxpc installed?
>> OK, twist my arm... (:  (I'll do it)
> Well, looks like lzo2 isn't built yet, so either you go ahead and do the
> tag/build, or let me know when lzo2 is build/ready and I'll do it.

Thats correct, it said as much in my first mail its in CVS, so that
people can do a local build and test their packages against this local
build to rub out any wrinkles before the "massive" rebuild sunday.

I'll build the new dxpc coming sunday once the new lzo has been build.
Has the new dxpc already been tagged?



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